When (and Where) to Take A Client Out to Lunch

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When (and Where) to Take A Client Out to Lunch

Anyone that works in an sales setting knows that taking clients out for a meal is one of the most tried and true methods to closing a sale. No matter what field you are in, everyone likes to eat, and going out to lunch is a great way to get out of the office and speak about business in a less formal manner. If you are one of the salespeople that gets to make the call on when and where to take a client (or potential client) out, there are a few things for you to consider.

First and foremost, the best time to take a client out for a lunch is when they’re available. While this may sound obvious, many salespeople tend to operate on their own schedules. Instead of focusing on your schedule, work with the client’s. If the have an opening, don’t be afraid to shift some other responsibilities and meetings around to make that time work. Every business works on their own calendar, so when there is an opening you need to take it.

You also need to find a great restaurant to take them too. Be sure to do some research on the people that will be attending. Find out what type of food they like. Ask if there are any allergies or special considerations, the last thing you want to do is take a party out for a meal only to find out the restaurant doesn’t have gluten free options. Take your party to a highly recommended establishment like Carmichael’s Chicago Steak House, in Chicago, or a similar restaurant in your city. Be sure to make a reservation beforehand and show up on time.

Once you have your clients out feel free to talk about business, or not, it all depends on you. If it is a sales pitch, then obviously you’ll want to talk about business. If it’s a more routine maintenance visit, feel free to stray away from the business speak. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy your meal.

Top Tips to Remember When Upgrading Your Office

Congrats on finally being able to upgrade your work space. Whether you are moving into an entirely new building, or upgrading your existing facilities, there are many things to consider when making the move to better office space. Whether you are in charge of moving the entire office, or only your desk space, there are a few things to consider when moving which will make it easier on your in the long run.


Take moving as an opportunity to upgrade your existing equipment. Have a keyboard or mouse that you have been using for years? Get a new one. Have you had your office chair as long as you’ve worked for the company? Invest in a brand new model. It’s not hard to forget to upgrade the equipment you use every day, so use this as a reminder to break in brand new furniture.

While you are upgrading your equipment be sure to stock up on the supplies that you use every. Pens, pads of paper and Post-It Notes are all things that you make forget to bring with. Even if you do remember to pack them, they may get misplaced or buried. Do yourself a favor and bring these supplies with you. Take some time before your move to visit Office Depot and stock up on supplies. You can bring them with you and not waste any time the first day in the new office.

Finally, if you are preparing for a move, it is probably best to use professional movers. You may be tempted to do some of the work yourself, or have your employees pitch in, but moving offices is a large logistical challenge. Use a professional moving service to ensure efficiency and accuracy, while also giving you peace of mind.

A move to a new office, or even a renovation, is a large undertaking, and some of the smaller things are bound to be forgotten. Plan your list ahead of time so you won’t miss a beat on the big day.

Great tips to improve revenue with Marketing Analytics


Marketing analytics and big data are fast becoming even more valuable than people once thought. The value of the data itself is the same as it has always been, but the market is finally appreciating how useful marketing analytics may be, and so they are paying top dollar for it. Even Twitter is getting in on the act and is offering marketing analytics and data without the need to go through third parties.

Trial and error testing is more efficient with marketing analytics

It is up to you to use every campaign and all of your business interactions to learn about and grow your business. If you are not learning, then you are failing. What is the point in creating a fantastic marketing campaign if you do not have the data needed to recreate the success over and over again.

It is up to you to learn as much as you can from every business interaction, and as you know, trial and error testing cannot function correctly without accurate measurement. Marketing analytics offer fairly accurate measurement, so that companies can truly learn from every trial and error test and ergo may learn from every business interaction.

Variable prices is a possibility

Marketing analytics will help you predict when your product/service will sell and when there will be remaining inventory or slow periods. If your business model suits, you can have your prices altered to match the mood of your consumer or the current demand.

Such a move is risky in some industries because dynamically changing prices may encourage people to postpone buying from you until the right price comes along. On the other hand, there are some industries that will find dynamic price changes (based on marketing analytics) are of great worth. For example, if you sell tickets to football matches, then dynamic pricing based on good marketing analytics may make you a small fortune by optimizing your conversions and profit efficiency.

Dynamic Web Content

As you already know, marketing analytics will go a long way to helping you customise your website for your target audience. Using marketing analytics, along with other user data, you can create dynamic and responsive websites that alter their content to suit the user, to create a personalised experience. Good marketing analytics may help you increase conversions slightly, and great marketing analytics could help you produce tremendous results. Added to which, if you continue to mine your own campaigns, platforms, websites and users for data, then you can further improve and optimise your conversion process to produce truly extraordinary results.

Tim Aldiss writes for Cloud iQ the conversion optimisation specialists

Why online marketing can work for you

Online marketing is two words that have become something of a craze recently. It doesn’t matter if you look for online marketing services in Cornwall or another country, there are companies out there that can help you to market your brand, product or website just as well, if not better, than traditional forms of marketing and advertising. Online marketing can really help your business and here is why.

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Build your website

Think of your website as the platform for all your online marketing efforts, getting people to look at it is important. A simple and easy to use website that provides its users with a good user experience, as well as access to the content that they are searching for, will keep users engaged and give a greater insight into your business and how it operates. Generally the longer someone stays on your site, the more likely it is that you will make a sale related to that particular visit or set of visits to that website.


Get your brand on other web sites

It is important for reputable sources to be promoting your brand too, after all these are what people trust the most. At the same time you want to ensure that your business is in line with the person or people promoting your brand, you want to ensure that your relationship will benefit both parties and ultimately generate more revenue.


Investing in this is a great idea and can even lead to further word of mouth promotion of your business and brand.


Improve your search engine rankings

Businesses in local areas are important. Hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist to help you with your search engine rankings can be really worthwhile. When you think about your own search behaviour, how often do you search through the first 5 pages of a search engine to find what you are looking for? In essence if you wouldn’t search past page 3 then why would you expect someone else to? As you can see it is important to be right up in the search rankings, otherwise your business will not be seen and runs the risk of being put by the wayside.


Online marketing is crucial for you and your websites success, so why not look into online marketing today!