Satellite to Digital TV: What to Expect

Have you been using satellite TV for years, but feeling frustrated with the inflated price and the hassle of dealing with your dish? There’s definitely a different way to go, and it’s More »

5 Lesser Known Casino Holiday Destinations

5 Lesser Known Casino Holiday Destinations  

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Satellite to Digital TV: What to Expect

Have you been using satellite TV for years, but feeling frustrated with the inflated price and the hassle of dealing with your dish? There’s definitely a different way to go, and it’s the way of the future: digital TV. Digital tv packages are made to let you pick exactly what you want to watch, and completely remove the inconvenience of dealing with a satellite dish. Here are some things you can expect if you choose to make the switch from satellite over to digital TV:


Lower cost

As soon as you get your dish taken out and switch to digital TV, you’ll notice that your monthly bills are a lot lower. This is because you’ll have a lot more freedom to choose the package you want, without paying for channels you never watch. Digital TV packages from Virgin Media are designed with your ideal choices in mind, and they allow you to pick exactly which package fits your lifestyle and budget so you’ll never be surprised when your monthly bill arrives.


With digital TV, unlike satellite, you don’t have to deal with any annoying equipment or devices. Digital TV is set up to be extremely user-friendly and give you great, reliable service. You won’t have your service going out in big storms like you would with satellite service. And you can often even add in a phone line to streamline your service and just get one bill per month. Easy and convenient – just like it should be.

Great selection

Chances are, you’ll never get bored with the selection of channels available on digital TV. There is simply something for every interest, taste and need! You can pick from great movie channels, shows for children, sports, special interest, and so much more. And you are free to create the ideal combination of channels for you and your family so you’ll always have something on that someone wants to watch.


With digital TV service, unlike satellite, you can actually bring your service with you when you leave home. This means that you can access your channels from a laptop or mobile tablet, not just your TV at home! This is the beauty of digital service. So don’t worry about how you entertain the kids on your next trip, because they’ll have all their favorite shows right at their fingertips. And you’ll have all of your options available right when you need them as well.

Watch your finance with meticulous planning for retirement  

The motto of the Scouts movement is well known – “Be prepared” – and being prepared is something to bear in mind in life too, especially when it comes to planning for retirement.  In retirement, demands on finances can be particularly strenuous, so planning well ahead for such eventualities makes a lot of sense.  Health issues and accommodation requirements also have to be taken into account.



People are living longer and retiring later in life.  Most individuals now retire in their mid to late 60s, and the average life expectancy in the US is 78.74 years, according to 2012 figures.  Faced with this reality, individuals nearing retirement age will likely need to have a sizable fund already built up on which to survive, even after taking a social security entitlement into account.

Financial advisors recommend that people start planning for retirement early, including investing in a pension fund, to give themselves plenty of time to build up the necessary funds.  Not everyone expects to live the same kind of lifestyle in retirement that they did while working, but there will be unexpected expenses as well as day-to-day expenses to take into consideration.  With income static or certainly relatively so, having access to sufficient funds is imperative.  Living in a senior community can be beneficial to some individuals in terms of finances, because it can help save on certain costs, such as home maintenance.  The size of a senior community also means that some costs, such as energy expenses, can be pooled, ensuring a discount that retirees living on their own would not otherwise enjoy.



As people age, their health deteriorates, so it is common sense to plan for that eventuality.  Having appropriate levels of health insurance is essential to meet ongoing medical costs during retirement.


Where to live

When it comes to retirement planning, a key issue is where to live after retirement.  For some retirees, remaining in their current home may not be practical for all sorts of reasons.  The house may be too large for their needs now that their family is reared, or there may be future maintenance and renovation costs that may be too much to bear financially.  A senior community may be a more practical option for the retiree.   In addition, living in a senior community can turn out to be beneficial to the retiree’s health.  Senior communities tend to have nurses on-site and ready access to doctors and other medical professionals.  Of course, living in a senior community by its very nature means living alongside other people.  For many retirees, growing old can mean growing lonely, resulting in a negative impact on mental and, as a consequence, physical well-being.  Living among others going through similar experiences can in fact be a great positive.


To get a better idea of how senior communities work and what type of community might suit individual needs, it is recommended to visit a number of different sites.  Ask plenty of questions and talk to different people – residents, staff and family of residents included – to get a feel for what a particular community would be like to live in.


Tips to understand Life Insurance


Learning about life insurance can sometimes seem like a daunting task. But after you read a few tips that will help you understand this important type of insurance you’ll see that it is simple to understand. You need to find out how much cover you need and how much it will cost. It’s a very important purchase so you need to be sure that you purchase the right package for you.


1. Those that have dependents need Life Insurance


For people that have children or others that depends on their earnings, life insurance is a must. The main aim of life insurance is to protect your income. In simple terms, life insurance will help your dependents to keep on living the same way they do now if you’re not there in the future.


2. It helps to replace your income


Life insurance will take your salary, include any normal raises that over time you would get, adds the value of employee benefits (healthcare etc). It then subtracts taxes and what it costs for you to be part of your family. What’s left is what you family is entitled to. A good way to work out the amount of insurance you need to buy is to follow this simple equation; 60% of your annual income x years left until retirement.


3. Some is better than none


Having some sort of life insurance is much better than having no life insurance at all. You should at least have insurance that will cover your debts and 5 years of your current annual salary.


4. It’s not as expensive as you might think


It is commonly thought that life insurance is very expensive. You can usually get life insurance at a very good price, it does of course increase in price the older you are. It is a smart financial move to buy as much insurance as you need when you’re relatively young and healthy. Another good tool to help you work out your life insurance is a life insurance calculator – you’ll be able to find these online.


5. It makes financial sense to have life insurance


The fact that life insurance will usually cost your roughly 1% of your annual income means that it makes perfect sense to buy it. For 1% of your annual salary you will protect years of future earnings if anything were to happen to you. It makes sense to buy it for the good of your family and dependents – it’s better to be safe than sorry!


6. Understand you needs


You should sit down and consider what exactly is it you need. You know your financial situation better that any advisor ever will, so before you talk to anyone sit down and figure out what is right for you.

5 Lesser Known Casino Holiday Destinations  

5 Lesser Known Casino Holiday Destinations

Las Vegas, Macau, Monte Carlo; all these places are synonymous with gambling and casinos. Typically, when a casino holiday is first suggested, one of these destinations is often mentioned within the same breath. However, there are many alternative destinations which can be just as exciting, and ultimately lead to a much more enjoyable experience if you’re bored of the same old places. Let’s have a look at some of the lesser known places where gaming is popular.


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia, is a sprawling metropolis which is well known for its nightlife and wide variety of entertainment venues. One of the more popular pastimes of tourists and Catalonians in Barcelona is gambling, and the most popular casino in the city is the world famous Casino de Barcelona. Here they have 53 tables to choose from, offering games of Mini Punto Banco, poker, and American and French roulette.


London, United Kingdom

London is a city often overlooked in this regard, but in fact has a wealth of fantastic casinos which are great for players of all ages and levels. There are more than 20 casinos, mostly situated in the centre of London, which cater for different playing styles, experience levels and, as you would expect, financial capabilities. For high class gambling, try heading over to Mayfair where there are a number of well-established casinos such as Crockfords and The Palm Beach Casino. For a less formal experience there is the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square, which is hugely popular with tourists and Londoners alike.



Another place often overlooked by those less experienced in the global gambling scene is Austria; home of the Casinos Austria International, a huge gaming corporation which owns a large number of casinos all over the world. Austria boasts 15 casinos located around the country, most of which are owned by CAI. The largest casino in Austria is the Grand Casino Baden, located in, not surprisingly, Baden. This casino has 36 tables and a total of 314 automated gaming machines.


Melbourne, Australia

Home to the largest casino in the southern hemisphere, and one of the largest casinos in the world, is Melbourne in Australia. Australia has a comparatively large number of gaming venues, and while Sydney is technically the largest gambling city in the country, Melbourne is home to the huge Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex. The Crown covers over half a million square metres, and offers craps, pai gow, poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette, with some variants of each, on 450 tables across the complex.


San Remo, Italy

For a Mediterranean slant on a casino holiday, you could try heading over to San Remo, situated just inside the border on the Italian Riviera in the north of Italy. San Remo has been established as a popular casino holiday destination for a number of years now. In fact, it is well known for being the birthplace of the classic five-card stud poker game ‘telesina’. San Remo has a number of popular casinos, though none more so than the Casino Municipale di Sanremo, which is the oldest casino in Italy.


Of course, if all of these locations seem a bit far afield, the next best thing to a casino holiday is to try your hand at online and mobile gambling. There are more gambling sites and apps out there than you can count, but Euro Palace online casino is a good starting point – take a look and see for yourself.

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Written by Gareth Monet.